Marketing Tips


The following suggestions are compiled from responses to a survey distributed via the IAN (Iowa Association of Naturalists) listserv, as well as from the final reports of organizations that received funding from the Iowa DNR's REAP-CEP for their pack programs.


  • Send news releases or announcements to:
    • Local newspaper, radio, and tv outlets
    • Area Education Associations (AEAs)
    • Newsletters of Friends of County Conservation Boards, nature centers, or other non-profits
    • School or district newsletters


  • Post flyers and distribute brochures to/at:
    • Nature centers
    • Campgrounds or park kiosks
    • Community, family, or multicultural centers
    • Libraries
    • Parks and Recreation departments
    • Fairs or expos
    • At teacher meetings
    • After public or school programming
    • Homeschool networks
    • 4-H clubs
    • Boy/Girl Scout troops
    • Childcare centers
    • Community action or assistance organizations
    • Local courthouses, gyms, or shopping centers
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